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As a Sutton-Group  Real Estate Agent , one of the things that makes it easy for me to sell Nanaimo Real Estate and list Vancouver Island Real Estate for sale is my belief that Vancouver Island is the most beautiful area in Canada. With our temperate climate, ocean and mountain views, and abundant outdoor lifestyle, I feel that both Nanaimo home owners and buyers of Ocean view and Waterfront Vancouver Island Property are the most fortunate people in the country.

As a qualified Real Estate Agent, my commitment to you is to provide the sincere and dedicated customer service that you expect, before, during, and after a home sale. Extensive marketing, as well as constant communication and follow up will assure Nanaimo home sellers and buyers of my dedication to their needs.

My 35 years experience in business in the real estate, retail, and hospitality industries combined with the support of Sutton Group-West Coast Realty have prepared me to work genuinely and directly with people to obtain optimum results.

Educating buyers and sellers of Vancouver Island Property and Nanaimo Homes is one of the most important processes in the sale Vancouver Island Real Estate. As an experienced Real Estate Agent, I realize that the Vancouver Island market conditions, the preparation of a home for sale, and pricing your home correctly are all invaluable in the real estate process. Whether working with a home owner to prepare and market their home or assisting a buyer to find a home which meets their wants and needs, my commitment to excellent service is unsurpassed. 

Beautiful 2 year old family home
Price: $419,900
2474 York Cres
MLS #: 425346
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
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Beautiful 2 year old family home